August 2015 – third gallery

warm August night
light fading –

Time Of Singing (1996)

cedar fence and birch tree trunk


on the horizon
all the goals
I can still
try to reach

These photos of goldenrod by Karl in 2010 are favorites.

Ellen Grace Olinger
garden journal gallery
August 2015

5 thoughts on “August 2015 – third gallery

  1. Great shots Ellen. I have a question you might be able to answer. I have been posting much the same as usual but my likes have suddenly dropped to an all-time low. It seems almost as though as my followers just aren’t visiting any more. Have you noticed any changes in your pattern of visitors… ?


    1. Dear Maureen, Thank you. I began here in December 2009 and have seen many changes. People read in so many ways now, that it is hard to know. Sometimes friends who follow may let me know they have looked at many posts, and then selected just one post to say hello. Time management becomes an issue – and I do the same thing. Someone might have several posts I enjoy and I like one or two, and hope that says hello in a general way. And when a little tired, I simply read – enough for me at that time.

      Sometimes I look at a post from the reader, or a tag, or the likes, or who follows, etc. No one way anymore. One day at a time.

      Your blog is beautiful.

      Blessings, and thanks again, Ellen

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