The Art Of Good Care

Quiet memories of my parents and other loved ones this Thanksgiving day.

Karl and I were in the Milwaukee area recently and drove on roads I had not seen for some time.  Yet these roads and streets were part of my weekly routine for years, when I had the privilege of helping with my mother’s care.  I can picture the holiday lights in the old neighborhood.

I was flooded in a good way with all the memories, especially from the caregiving years.  For the rest of my life, which is in God’s hands too, I am blessed.  There is beauty during these times.  Grace, love, and mercy.  It was actually hard to return to everyday life.  Blogs helped me a lot.

Caregiving is an art – though not always seen by the world as other efforts are.  It was not easy to begin again “in the world.”  Now I begin to see God’s plan a little more, and I trust.  Hope and trust.  Always imperfection, and accepting that.  Always room to grow.

Caregivers have to take care of themselves as well.  I could hear my mother’s voice after she died, “I want you to take care of yourself.”  I say no more often, make sure to get the rest I need.  Learning about the amount of rest I need made a great difference in my overall sense of well-being.  I often wrote about this in my early years with the blog.

Grateful for this day, and happy in a quiet way.  When memories revisit, I sit quietly and reflect and pray.  Then, that is enough, and I do something practical.  I cook, do dishes, rearrange flowers, etc.  Try for some balance.  Always the Psalms.

groceries for Mom
fresh flowers
always on the list

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