The Daily Post photo challenge this week is Victory.

How the definition of victory can change over the years!  So many events go through my mind: meeting professional goals, tiny steps forward after a health crisis, growing a new life in a new place, and beginning with photography.  Some days a photo is given, and other days the work surely takes more time.  Good to learn.

For me, the sad times, and happy times, and all times, slowly form new wholes.  New chapters grow, one moment and day at a time.  Grace and mercy and love.

Two short poems follow the photos.


Victory: primrose leaves in Spring after a long winter



Wildflower on old bricks: perhaps to represent beauty during times of rest and recovery.  New dreams will grow in time.

100_4010Small November flower, to share again

many years
needed to write
a poem
in a few minutes

* * *
five roads
from this corner
now I know
my way home
on them all

Ellen Grace Olinger