Creative Notes And Poems

The sun is rising and the fall colors are beautiful.

I created a post for My Acrostic Poems for the WordPress Photo Challenge this week.  My post is called Photo Challenge – Happy Place.  Part of my post mentions that blogs are a happy place for me.  I began my acrostic site in November 2014.  I enjoy sharing my best poems again in new ways, and trying WordPress themes.

And grief and all that life brings are part of my current happiness.  Someone said, “grief is the price of love.”  Sometimes new losses bring new waves of old griefs.  The photos are also wonderful when I cannot write.  Other arts and crafts I began again are set aside for a time (coloring my own designs, knitting etc.).  Our Wisconsin winters can be very cold and long!

From my archives:

gifts of silence
and beauty
in the middle
of difficult times

unconditional love

are the stronger
memories now


the years
that were so hard
and yet
they gave me
my stories


Ellen Grace Olinger

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