Sunday morning

Sunday morning
tapestry of trees
woven with light


I discovered another notebook of blessings, from last year at this time, for my Gratitude Journal.  So I have counted well over 500 now, and there are more blessings than I can ever count.  I guess I was going to copy many of the blessings into one new notebook.  That doesn’t seem necessary now!   Last year, I wanted to finish Quiet Christmas Poetry.

Blessings from a small town – from last year:

Breakfast at Judi’s Place with Karl

Oostburg Library Open House w. Karl – cake from Oostburg Bakery and other treats  (I love used books)

grateful prayers
in my heart
fall colors

the old garage
autumn treetops


Judi’s Place in Oostburg, Wisconsin is a favorite restaurant of many people in our area.  We went there again yesterday, and then we bought whole wheat bread and frosted cookies at Oostburg Bakery.

We also went to the Oostburg Pizza Ranch this summer.


Many of you enjoyed this poem that I wrote for the bakery earlier this year:

to admire
on the counter
and bring home
with great care

a work of art
to nourish
body and soul
the recipe over
80 years old

marbled rye bread
from Oostburg Bakery

Ellen Grace Olinger

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