Old Poem – September 1993



It is September
My first not in school
Since Kindergarten
And I will be forty
In December.

Thinking over the years…
I remember driving through
Montana one vacation
We were in a small town
Looking for a gas station.

What you do
Becomes part of you
The town had a large school
I don’t even remember the name
But I’d know what to do just the same.

Now I’m turning more of my intensity
To poetry, and I’m far from teacher there
This time, though, no degree
My study both school and playground
Nurturing my creativity.

I sense I’ve come full circle today
As I look forward to this birthday
My hair brown and grey and bleached by the sun
Back now in Wisconsin
September 1993: in search of poetry.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Published first in PEGASUS (1994).  So much has happened between then and now; and I am looking forward, as I enjoy each day.


The pictures are courtesy of antiqueclipart.com.

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