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The Daily Post prompt for July 21, 2015 was Always Something There to Remind Me.

Songs by many artists bring back memories.  Today I think of Emmylou Harris.  Many of her songs are paired with major life events.  She writes and also interprets the songs of others so well.  Beginning with Wrecking Ball in 1995, I think I have bought almost all of her CDs.  I don’t buy that many, but there are artists whom I simply trust to be true and I follow their work.  She sings about life the way it really is.  She seems to be happy whether she is “the star” or singing harmonies.  Her work is about the music.

I think of my mother when I was recovering from major surgery.  She said I would get better and that improvement would be gradual.  Better and gradual:  key words.  Wrecking Ball is from those years for me.  Emmylou was growing and discovering new paths as an artist.

Yesterday I ordered Emmylou’s new CD with Rodney Crowell, The Traveling KindHer website has more information and also videos.

The photo of the new ivy is from yesterday.

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  1. I am an Emmylou Harris fan, too, and I also discovered her when “Wrecking Ball” came out. In the fall, I’ll get to see her in concert for the first time, and she’ll be with Rodney Crowell – I can hardly wait!


    1. Dear Melinda, Thank you. I’m sure that will be a wonderful concert! We saw Emmylou in Milwaukee some years ago. Ballad of Sally Rose, an older work, is also an album I listened to a lot. And I like Emmylou’s work with Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton. Many albums, and it does seem that Wrecking Ball holds a unique place in her work.

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