the wonder of learning


“Y is for yarn”

I looked at some videos about knitting and a few posts.  Some were beyond my skill level and some were for beginners. I thought that maybe this would help my long-term memory; and then away from the computer, in a comfortable chair with my knitting needles and yarn, I remembered.  Now I am knitting what might be a bookmark, or perhaps something that will be a part of something else.  Right now it’s enough to remember a little and practice.

This is how it was with learning about photos and transferring from the camera to the computer.  Seemed too hard, and then one day, I could do this by myself.  Now I walk around the yard with the little camera, and then can post photos.  Some days, if tired, I may be back and forth between the yard and computer three times.  Other days, things are easy.  The photos are a journal, the way the yard and my learning process really are; I delete many photos as well, and try to select my best.

Thank you for your generous encouragement!

The pictures are from wpclipart.



4 thoughts on “the wonder of learning

  1. Several years ago, Ellen, I was trying to remember how to knit an edged pattern personal wash cloth (my mom used to make these and then wrap it with a pretty soap and give it as a birthday or get-well gift). I could not find the pattern, and because of her dementia she didn’t remember ever making them.
    So I was sitting with her during a visit, and trying a pattern I’d found but didn’t especially like, and she asked what I was doing, so I gave her a pair of knitting needles and some yarn. Within a few minutes, her hands had taken over and she was knitting the pattern. I just watched and copied it down as she worked. It was a wonderful day.

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  2. I find knitting to be like a meditation, the motion of moving the yarn and making the stitches feels so calming to me, I hope you enjoy your knitting without worry for the outcome.


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