Tuesday craft and kindness notes


Yesterday I went to the Jo-Ann fabric and craft store at Deer Trace Shopping Center in Kohler. I bought some yarn and knitting needles.  A young person helped me and I was grateful.

For all of you who work in the stores, thank you.  As I  grow older, I am especially blessed by your kindness.  At Target, another person saw me trying to read a product without my reading glasses, and offered help.

I’ve worked on some projects that have taken a few years to finish.  This morning I reflected upon my current goals, and thought, “If I can do a little each week, that is enough.”  They are not requirements.

One thing I realized as I recovered from a past illness, was that as my energy level changed, I narrowed my life more and more, so I could keep my main commitments to the best of my ability.  Putting a few things back carries great meaning for me.

The Dove Drawing is courtesy of Reusable Art.


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