Knitting Landscape by Nico Jungman, and a short poem


Knitting Landscape by Nico Jungman, courtesy of Reusable Art.

I enjoyed knitting years ago, and made some scarves.  Basic skill level, and this is another art I would like to try again.  It is interesting to realize how I let things I used to enjoy fade into the past, as other priorities and needs grew over the years.  Now I see that if I keep things simple, that even an hour or two spent with a hobby/craft/art each week can bring happiness.   Poetry always worked with a busy schedule, as I could keep a small book with me, and perhaps read a few poems during a short break.

This is a poem from my Psalms And Nature site.

hymns with no words
yet I know many words
raindrops and birds
create a new song

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger
June 14, 2015

10 thoughts on “Knitting Landscape by Nico Jungman, and a short poem

    1. Dear Gallivanta, Thank you and I will look at the lesson – I was just thinking there would be good material online. That’s true about seasons in our lives. I’ve heard people compare this to how farmers rotate crops – sometimes one thing rests, so another may grow, and then perhaps we return to the other activity renewed. It’s OK if some things are not finished too. When I began with needlepoint again, an unfinished piece from my maternal grandmother, who died before I was born, taught me.

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  1. Both the poem and the image are lovely. The remind me of my mother, who was an avid knitter – and terrifically skilled. One of my favorite dresses in high school was one she knit for me. Can you imagine knitting a dress? In those days, I took it for granted.


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