So many ways to be creative, and the forms have certainly varied for me over the years.  I think of caregiving, for example, and how I could cook for my mother the kinds of meals she made for us.  When I visit Bethesda Thrift Store in Sheboygan, I always look at the art on the walls first.  So much seems original, and I am sure every painting, or other kind of craft framed into a picture, has a story.  There are many kinds of handmade items, and they bring comfort to our home.  You can see the joy of making something – and that when one person’s home was full, they made something for someone else, or some other worthy cause.

Before blogs, and now too, I read many kinds of books about creativity.  I simply loved the stories, no matter the form of art.  It encouraged me to read about many drafts of poems, “rejection letters,”  getting back to work after an illness and/or grief (but not too soon either).  The need for rest, the long view, when to accept criticism, when to believe you got something right – so many issues and good lessons.

I also learned there are times and seasons.  The schedule I used to keep is beyond me now.  When one door closes, another opens, when the time is right.

New dreams at all ages.  Prayer is creative work too.  I’ve spent a lot of time in nursing homes, and quieter lives bless in countless ways.  Simply who a person has become blesses others.  They can be served now.

The images are by Walter Crane and courtesy of Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.  I learned of his work from this site, which provides good research notes.


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    1. Dear Nancy, Thank you. We all have many different gifts. I surely have had fallow years, yet the posts that others appreciate most have their roots in those times. Health and other priorities first. Good to be in touch, Ellen

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