Acrostic Poems

Yesterday I saw in my stats that someone was searching for a Midwest acrostic.  Thought I’d try to write one.  I’ve always lived in the Midwest, USA.

M  any
D  ays
W  onderful and
E  ver more
S  ure of my
T  rust in His plan

Ellen Grace Olinger

There have been difficult times and there will be more.  Yet praying the Psalms for so long has created a deeper sense of trust and hope.  I’ve been reading in John’s Gospel too lately.  “In the beginning was the Word . . . ”

Perhaps I can also write an acrostic for Midwest that expresses our nature and seasons.  I guess the one in this post is “the seasons of life.”

Last year, I began a small site for My Acrostic Poems.

Yesterday was another anniversary of my father’s passing. I have lived more years on earth without him now, than with him here.  Yet not so far away.  One day he said to me, “Everything will be all right in the end.”  We shall meet again.  Dad loved simple everyday life.  Every day is a gift, and there has always been beauty to see and perhaps write.  My father’s parents were from Sweden.

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