Easter Lily and Wood

Elin Grace Publishing

This photo by Karl may be the cover of our next chapbook, from Easter And Spring Poetry.

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4 thoughts on “Easter Lily and Wood

  1. The walls are beautiful. I can almost smell that fresh-cut wood. It’s a good thing, because I’m allergic to Easter lilies, and can’t have one in the house. They make my eyes water, and make me sneeze uncontrollably!


    1. Dear Linda, Thank you. The walls are the original wood from the 1940s, when our home began as a cottage. In 2006, we had to begin the process of rebuilding our home from the inside, because of water damage. The carpenters and others were so pleased that we wanted to keep the wood. And it does seem fresh-cut as you said.

      Sorry to hear about being allergic to lilies.

      The work on the house helped me a lot, as I recovered from my mother’s passing.

      Blessings, Ellen


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