winter landscape

Yesterday, we noted the birch trees without their leaves, and how beautiful they are among the evergreens.  We also saw the dogwood bushes with their red branches.

As a poetry note, Sandra Simpson is leading a renku at The Haiku Foundation.  If you are interested, you’ll find the links to her two posts so far on THF home page.  Sandra lives in New Zealand.  There are many interesting posts in general.

I’ve been writing some practice poems in a notebook about our winters.

waves reach icebergs
far from shore
the great lake rests

I realize nature is alive in winter, but compared to the beach in the summer, it is a very different scene.

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    1. Dear Gallivanta, Thank you and I appreciate all you share at your beautiful site. Karl is much more involved with the community than I am these days. I learn more about the science of the lake from him. There are many good efforts to help protect the Great Lakes and balance all the ways people use them.

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