winter silence

winter silence
and bright new light
icebergs along the shore

from this view
icebergs half-way
to the horizon
no sound of waves
on this great lake

Poems written today and a few more spring photos by Karl from the archives.  My Easter book is growing to also be a spring book, with lots of colors.  I’m not sure of all the details so far, and will take my time and let the book grow as it wishes.  In some way, I’ll have the book available for free online, and also as a large print chapbook; similar to how we worked with Quiet Christmas Poetry.


Karl took this photo of Lake Michigan on March 29, 2014.

May2011Flowers 027

These are daffodils I planted in memory of my great-Aunt Mercedes, many years ago.  She lived to be almost 100.

13 thoughts on “winter silence

      1. Thank you Ellen. It is a serious challenge to find books that capture my mother’s attention now. She used to be such a great reader. Sometimes the books are too heavy, or the print is not right, or the sentences are too long…….


  1. You sound like you are enjoying pulling your book together. I love the photo of Lake Michigan. I remember seeing Lake Superior for the first time and being amazed at its size … no further shore, like the ocean! Jane


  2. Just out of curiosity, Ellen, how are you publishing your books? I see you have your own imprint and ISBN number, but are you using a particular service to actually put the books together? I’m just toying with the thought of doing something with my etherees, so I guess the first step is gathering information about the nuts-and-bolts of such a venture.

    No icebergs here, but gray, gray… It’s so interesting that the photo of the shore looks warmer than our landscape today.


    1. Hi Linda,

      Karl created the print manuscript for me, from my Christmas site, which we refined through some drafts. Then he worked with GT Graphics in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He already knew the quality of the printer’s work, from his volunteer work with the Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition. The printer had some good ideas too.

      I appreciate the technical skills of others so very much, which allows me to focus on the poems and posts.

      All the best as you consider a book of your poems. People read in so many ways.

      Thank you, Ellen

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