Christmas errands and a poem

Today we bought a few things at Gibbsville Cheese and our Oostburg Bakery.

On a Sunday a few weeks ago, we went for a drive as day became night:

lights on the windmill
in Cedar Grove
another year –
with all a year can hold-
going ’round

* * *
Simple times and then home!  Decaf and some time in the Psalms.  So many layers of memories are in these holy words now for me.  Today as I read, I remembered making Christmas wreaths from paper plates and red and green paper, when I taught elementary school.  Then my mind leaped ahead to staying overnight with my mother on Christmas Eve, during her last years in her home.  I thought, “Receive the memories and then give them back to God.”  Today began with a lot of rain, and then the sun.

14 thoughts on “Christmas errands and a poem

  1. Thank you so much, Ellen, for the peace and wisdom in your post and memories for us today! I too am touched by receiving the memories and then giving them back to God. Thank you! You are a blessing!


  2. What a wonderful post–how I’d love to see the lights on the windmill; and I’m pondering your words about receiving memories and giving them back to God. Bless you.


    1. Thank you and blessings. I might read a verse I read over and over, during a time gone by, for strength. Somehow the Christmas lights in a hospital, for example, are a memory of beauty, and the pain of a health event itself has faded. His Grace, as you wrote about today.


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