Needlepoint Picture


This is a needlepoint picture I made, when I was a young teacher.  I worked from a high quality kit, which as you see, is a picture of a painting by Paul Cezanne. I’ve always loved still life arrangements.  I create and change them around the house, all the time.

There are a few more photos by Karl in my post, Lily And Needlepoint.

Post updated on August 4, 2015.

11 thoughts on “Needlepoint Picture

  1. My mother was a needlepoint instructor, and though I’ve passed on many of her pieces, I still have a few. I did a bit myself, and have pondered buying the kit of Alphonse Mucha’s “Poetry”, from which my avatar is taken. Yours is beautiful. I’m just not sure my eyes would be up to it at this point — or if I’d have the time, since I’m not willing to take even more time away from writing.

    A happy Sunday to you!


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