Haiku NZ – My Favourite Haiku, edited by Sandra Simpson

Awhile ago, I registered for The Haiku Foundation Forums.  This summer I wrote some posts for Soundings, moderated by Peter Yovu.  The posts are in appreciation of poems by various poets.  I went back to my early years with haiku, and my posts all connect with the Midwest USA, in some way.

Sandra Simpson thought readers of My Favourite Haiku at Haiku NZ might enjoy some of my posts.  There are many collections there now, and mine is for August 2014.

Sandra’s beautiful blogs are: breath, a collection of haiku and Sandra’s Garden.

4 thoughts on “Haiku NZ – My Favourite Haiku, edited by Sandra Simpson

      1. PS As you may have seen already, Sandra also links to sources for the poems by others that I cite, where possible, and back to The Haiku Foundation. She also includes this blog and I hope a few people visit, as you say.

        Thanks again, your posts are always beautiful and interesting. Ellen


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