February ending

Still very cold here and beautiful.  The sun is so brilliant and the skies so blue.  The shades of blue vary.  One day I thought of “cornflower blue.”

This morning the clouds along the horizon were the same shape as the icebergs, as if a mirror image.

Spring will arrive and the robins are always back on March 21 or within a day or two.  They don’t seem to mind snow.


The palm plant is courtesy of http://reusableart.com.

10 thoughts on “February ending

  1. We are having a cornflower blue sky today. Thank you for visiting my blog. My husband and I lived in Wisconsin for some years and we like to travel Wisconsin too.


  2. Am in a different part of the world where we don’t experience much weather changes (we hardly talk of winters, summers and all). All the same, I love the way you describe the clouds and the sky.


  3. I do love cornflower blue! Thanks for the hopeful note about robins’ expected arrival–I’ll try to be on the lookout, welcome them with cheer. Today it’s terribly bleak in the northwest…


  4. Cornflower blue! A perfect description of the sky color we have today. The temperature will have to crawl up another five degrees to be above freezing, but the sun is shining and the sky is cornflower blue!


  5. How interesting, that date that the robins choose to arrive. I just had looked up the date of this year’s spring equinox, and found it’s March 20. A coincidence? I don’t think so. 😉


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