memories and miracles

the new roads learned
when I needed
to begin again
are beloved old roads

the work of building
a new life in a new place
is now a long-term

the sun rises anew
and the water is
steaming so I know
it is cold still

grateful for the Mystery
of God’s plan and these
quiet weeks . . .
being sure to recover well

yesterday I watched
the light in the yard
and it was easy to
picture the trees green

Ellen, today

* * *

I mentioned Luci Shaw in the previous post.  The first poetry book of hers I read was Listen to the Green.  Yesterday, the trees seemed alive in a new way, as I watched them in the sun.  I decided to read through the archive at Mann Library’s Daily Haiku (link in previous post) over the next several weeks.  I have some new ideas for The Haiku Foundation Ed Wall.  There are a few small pink clouds in the sky.  The quiet is beautiful, and I am grateful for these weeks.  Spring is next month here, and I want to pay attention and see the arrival.  The way the evergreen branches swayed in the wind yesterday seemed to hint of spring.  I’m beginning to see the gifts of this winter.

* * *

I mentioned Merrill Ann Gonzales last Sunday, in the context of her Per Diem poem at The Haiku Foundation.  This week I added links to her haiga published on this blog to my February 2, 2014 post.

This link goes to a post of her art on Poems From Psalms And Nature.

* * *

The sun is brilliant and I’ll proofread and post these thoughts.  Blessings for the day, as always, Ellen

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