Acrostic for LETTERS


L  ove
E  xpressed
T  ranscending
T  ime
E  verlasting
R  emembrance of
S  ouls


I wrote the acrostic in 2010.  Thought I’d repost with some pictures from


11 thoughts on “Acrostic for LETTERS

  1. When I helped my parents move out of their house, I found a dusty shoe box tied with a string. My mom and I sat at the table, drank tea, and laughed and sniffled over the letters from my grandmother to her daughter, my mother, when Mom was in college and early teaching and facing some sadness. Your acrostic for ‘Letters’ was perfect.


    1. Dear Marylin, Another beautiful story. My mother’s mother, Grace, died a year before I was born, to the day. I know Grace through her crafts. She made beautiful aprons.

      Those early teaching years are sure a lot of work.

      Thank you


          1. Thanks for the link. I see you posted blue salvia clip art. I have blue salvia in the garden right now. Yes, it was lovely to see Sandra’s blog. Haiku is a generous form of poetry; it gathers in so many.


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