Autumn rain

How gently sometimes one chapter ends, and another begins.  Seamless.  Sometimes too there are traumas.  My cousin, Paul Brandt, died suddenly at the age of 60, in 2006.

Paul was influenced by Aldo Leopold.  Paul is well-known in southwestern Wisconsin, for his gifts of land and savings to conservation.

My poem, “Winter In October,” was for Paul and I posted it here.  My post also includes a photo by Ruth Bauer of the Paul Brandt School Forest.

Paul was a Vietnam veteran and knew he was mortal.  He lived simply and left so much for others to enjoy.  He left everything so well-organized.

Paul Brandt also established The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Fund, with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.  He practiced what he preached.  My mother was his godmother.

how gently
this day begins
Autumn rain

Blessings, Ellen

8 thoughts on “Autumn rain

    1. Dear Marylin, How beautiful.

      You mentioned reading my haiku to your mother. I began a new small site to help me create large print books. Since I am so comfortable with WordPress, I thought this would be a way to gradually form a manuscript. Then I thought there could be both a book and a site for residents who are able and who wish to learn computers, with assistance. I remember how much needs and abilities vary. I’m sure I will learn a lot and change things as I go along. But I thought a site like this should be as simple as can be. Thank you very much for your encouragement, and my love to you and your mother and family, Ellen


  1. What a lovely, peaceful poem. It is good to remember and honor those we’ve cared about. Those we’ve loved.
    Since I didn’t know about your blog or your poetry back in 2010, I’m glad you sometimes re-post poems.
    Beautiful haiku, too, Ellen. -Lori


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