The house is speaking . . .


The pine wood walls in our home are from the 1940s.  When I said that the house is speaking, Karl said that is because of the humidity and changing temperatures.

On another topic, for a long time I’ve been following nichepoetryandprose, by Jane Tims in New Brunswick, Canada.  She creates in many ways.  This morning, I’m admiring her “gallery of watercolors.”  The link to her gallery is

Yesterday I found a 1958 copy of Time Of Singing at  I bought it and look forward to seeing an issue from its first year.   Benjamin P. Browne was the Founder.  It’s not every day that a poetry print journal lasts so long, and is always new.

I decided to renew my ISBN account for Elin Grace Publishing.  I’m not seeking submissions, but rather think it is time to collect a few of my poems into non-profit large print books.  I have a heart for nursing homes.  This will be informal work.  But the books page at Time Of Singing still offers the Welcoming Hope book, which includes many people from TOS; edited with Lora H. Zill and Charles A. Waugaman.

The fall clipart is courtesy of the Public Domain Images section at Karen’s Whimsy


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  1. Our house was built in 1946, Ellen, and depending on drought or water, it “speaks” in different voices. Is you name actually spelled Elin, and therefore the Elin Grace Publishing? It’s an unusual, lovely spelling.


    1. Hi Marylin, Thank you. Yes, I’m named for my father’s Swedish mother, Elin; and my mother’s German mother, Grace. My parents gave me the American spelling for my first name.

      I knew my Swedish Nanna well. Grace died exactly a year before I was born, to the day. I know all of this was a part of caregiving with my mom.

      And I think of you and your mother when I write these kinds of posts. Blessings


    1. Dear Diane, Thank you. This dream began a long time ago. When I had a chronic illness, I needed this kind of reading material as well. So I’m bringing together my experiences as teacher, patient, and caregiver. Some challenging chapters that I now receive as precious gifts – to cherish and give away. I’m well, but sure pay a price if I overdo one day. Yesterday was a tired day and it’s wonderful to think of you and others finding something here, while I rested.

      I began your novel recently too!

      Blessings, Ellen


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