Quiet Memories

Monday morning, with the warmth and quiet of early September.  I feel grateful to be here, to be able to watch the same birch tree turn gold once again.  When my mother was in the hospital for her last illness, it was autumn, and she was near the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, where she taught in the English Department for years.  Today I picture Enola Borgh on campus in another time, younger than I am now, and I am happy she had those years.  Her life came full circle, as did our friendship.  She had been retired for 20 years at the time of her passing, and the current Department Chair sent a sympathy card to the family.

Here’s another Van Gogh from WPClipart.  The link to the page of his paintings, in the Public Domain at WPClipart, is in the previous post.  Thank you for your comments and likes, which are always so generous and welcome.  Blessings, Ellen


“Wheat Field Under Threatening Skies” by Vincent van Gogh

7 thoughts on “Quiet Memories

  1. Vincent is one of my favorite artists. I love this very last painting that vividly displays his creative passion and genius. I agree, it’s a good painting to make us think of bereavement.


    1. Dear Sarah, Thank you. I appreciate your thoughts. My mother’s passing was in January 2004. I’ve watched these leaves turn gold, fall, and then see new green leaves grow again in Spring many times. A great source of comfort, and always new.

      I looked at this painting by Vincent yesterday too, with the wheat, and it crossed my mind as I put this post together today that the changing skies speak of what you say. A gift.

      Awhile ago I began a smaller site called Grief And Acceptance. I like to repost poems that seem to help others, and that are favorites of mine too. The link is http://griefandacceptance.wordpress.com.

      Blessings, Ellen


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