simple beauty

I find so many wonderful pictures at  Paul Sherman is the editor of this site.  His main purpose is to provide a good site for “usage in school research and reports.”  The images are in the Public Domain.

Paul Sherman added a new “textures section.”

Here is his image, “plant leaves by Paul:”


I also love this picture, among many others!


21 thoughts on “simple beauty

  1. Thanks for the heads up to this link! BTW, I love the latest banner photo. What is the name of the flower?


  2. What a lovely picture. This seems to be a good site and source of wonderful pictures, in the public domain, no less. I am glad you shared this. and I haven’t mentioned it, but your banner is gorgeous.


  3. Thank you so much, Ellen! I like taking my own pictures, but sometimes I need something special to convey the message, so you suggestion is much appreciated.
    You always have such lovely illustrations, and the two on this page are wonderful.


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