August begins

August begins with muted skies, crows calling, and gentle winds.  The corn, wheat, and soybean fields in the area are growing.  I saw goldenrod in bloom in Sheboygan this week, when I went to Mead Library.  It’s not in bloom yet here, but the plants are plentiful.  I checked out Foolsgold: Making Something from Nothing and Freeing your Creative Process, by Susan G. Wooldridge.  I read her book, poemcrazy: freeing your life with words, years ago, and learned from her website this book is in its 23rd printing.  She is a good teacher.  I plan to reread poemcrazy.

10 thoughts on “August begins

  1. I’m so glad that August begins. It means that I’m closer to autumn, my favorite time of the year. 🙂 I have placed these two books on my list to read. Thanks!


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