Short Poems For May

My Best Short Nature Poems


blue skies and
willows turning gold
Mother’s Day

Gentle spring winds
in evergreen trees
the friendship we grew

for Enola Borgh, in loving memory

* * *

Spring and summer
poetry journals
in the mail
birds singing outside
my open window

* * *

gulls lifting
from the sand
corn an inch tall

* * *

poems often read
returning to mind
water fountain flows
in warm May rain

in the warm rain . . .
refresh my mind

* * *

ancient lilacs
cover the graves
Memorial Day

* * *

who is the bird
still singing?

* * *

window of blue
opens in grey sky
faith, hope, love
and the greatest
is love

1 Corinthians 13: 13



“Gentle spring winds” and “thunder” were published in Time of Singing. 

“gulls lifting” was published in SMILE and Bell’s Letters Poet.

“ancient lilacs” was published in

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12 thoughts on “Short Poems For May

  1. It always startles me to hear you speak of gulls – I have to remind myself you have really BIG lakes, that gulls would be quite at home in. And I love the line, “corn an inch tall”. I remember those fields. They’re beautiful.


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