poems seen

poems seen
that did not
get written
frost painting
on the side door

13 thoughts on “poems seen

  1. The imagery is delightful, Ellen.
    It reminds me of the winter I was 5, and my cousins and I practiced writing our names in the frosty glass windows of my aunt and uncle’s barn.


  2. I’m sad to think how many poems have melted away because I didn’t get them down quickly. I’m learning to have paper and pen everywhere. Lovely poem, Ellen.

    Thank you for the interesting and helpful links you provide. What an encourager you are! I recently sent in submissions for the HaikuNow contest, thanks to hearing about it from you. I used the link you shared for the Haiku Foundation (http://www.thehaikufoundation.org) and spent lots of time there (and with my haiku books) before submitting. I’m grateful to you.
    All the best. ~Lori


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