fields and trees

The recent snowfall isn’t lasting long here.  Driving home from errands today, it seems the fields have absorbed over half the snow already.  Hope it’s a good year for the farmers.

This is a poem from last year:


old pine trees
gave their lives long ago
so we could have shelter


yet the wood seems to live
radiates warmth and comfort

these are my thoughts
as Lent begins
and I quiet my soul


The image is from the Dover Design Sampler today; from Decorative Doorways Stained Glass Patterns.

12 thoughts on “fields and trees

  1. Isn’t it wonderful the way wood continues to hold that radiance and life, especially if we care for it? I am thinking of lovingly cared for wooden tables.


  2. Interesting, though, to think about the differences among trees. For building? Cypress. For sailboat masts? Sitka spruce. For tables? Birdseye maple, mahogany, oak. Trees, like people, have their unique qualities. It’s part of what makes them so special!


    1. Hi Linda, Thank you. Karl’s and my home began as a small cottage in the 1940s. We had to rebuild it from the inside, which took about 3 years–still ongoing in some ways. The carpenters took down the original pine walls in the living room, planed the boards, put them back up and refinished. One said, “Any other job, this wood would have gone in the dumpster.” I don’t know wood as you clearly do but recall some of the carpenters’ conversations reading your comment. I was hoping this adventure would be in poems too! Ellen


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