Poems For Fall Bulletin Boards

Here are a few short poems for all ages, including for teachers who are creating bulletin boards for the new school year.  These poems are collected from earlier posts.  The “autumn royal grapes” are courtesy of wpclipart.com.

* * *

F  alling leaves in
A  utumn
L  etting in more
L  ight

* * *

Autumn afternoon
the early glow of
streetlights in town

* * *

mid-day sun
in the south window
geese in flight

* * *

words find their
shape on a page

* * *

part-way through
a good book
half the gold leaves
on the tree
half on the ground

* * *

21 responses

  1. touches of Autumn here….the corn is drying in the fields, little clusters of leaves turning on the trees, a smell in the morning air, a cooling breeze in the evenings….beautiful words always from you.

  2. Good Morning to YOU my friend! It is good to be back on my perch and I was happy to see you this morning!! I love all of these Ellen. They create great visuals in my mind’s eye . Xo, Margie

  3. OH, these are Wonderful, Ellen–you must know that I especially love the 4th one, but they’re all terrific!! God bless you–love, Caddo

  4. Well, we haven’t lost half our leaves yet… that will be awhile, but your poems are a reminder to write every day. Today as I came home I found the most wonderful tiny butterfly on a Queen Anne’s Lace and went to look it up… but even though I have a book with extensive photos of N.Amer. butterflies (500 pages and over 100 pages of color plates) my little butterfly was not in it. So I’ve been blessed with a mystery. I noticed too that the bees are getting very aggressive around the goldenrod. There was a sharp drop in the temps this morning (THANKS BE TO GOD) and I wonder if they feel time slipping by… I know I do. So once I go through the e-mail… I hope to do a little writing to “number my days.” Many thanks, Ellen. Lovely poems

    • Thanks, Merrill. I loved creating bulletin boards when I was an elementary school teacher. Yes, Psalm 90. I have the KJV here: “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” ( verse 12). Blessings, Ellen

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