August yard photos

Photos by Ellen, on August 11, 2012.

The impatiens planter is from Windmill Gardens in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin (closed for the season).

13 thoughts on “August yard photos

    1. Dear JoDee, You’re welcome. I’m learning a day at a time how to best manage this wonderful adventure of blogging. It seems to work best to read in many different ways–the WordPress reader, linking from comments, “likes,” emails, etc. Sometimes instead of answering comments, I spend more time reading the wonderful blogs of others. I’m happy you are enjoying the posts! All the best, and thank you, Ellen


      1. Ellen,

        I agree with you. Using the reader is far easier for me to manage. I found my email getting bogged down with too many posts. Blogging has also been a delight for me. I’m happy to have met you through this wonderful medium.


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