early morning

One thing that does not change, as I learn my middle-aged map, is my love of the very early morning hours:  night sky to predawn light to day.

Since high school, I’ve been getting up early to have time for prayer and other creative work.  I’d study for a test again.  My dad was up early as well, to put the finishing touches on his history lesson plans.

I don’t mourn youth, as I always looked forward to being older.  For me anyway, language arts gifts take a lot of time and life to deepen.

morning coffee

 with pink clouds

 floating in sky

 pink lilies on the table

 bloom in reply

Photo courtesy of wpclipart.com.

45 thoughts on “early morning

  1. Thank you for following my blog, and for this lovely post, Ellen. The quiet and stillness of early morning awaken an awareness that is precious.


    1. Dear Barbara, Thank you. The lilies are from the Farmers’ Market in Sheboygan last Saturday. They must have been picked that morning, as they have not dropped a single petal so far. Ellen


  2. One of the things I have lost over the years of having to work many different schedules, is my ability to rise early. My Circean rhythm has been altered to such a degree that if I rise early my whole system becomes disrupted and I experience all the effects of severe sleep deprivation. I have slowly been trying over these last few years to right it again, but so far it hasn’t worked too well…although I have made a bit of progress.

    I used to love the wonder of the cool and quietness of these hours. Now all my body wants to do is to sleep.

    I am glad for Kathleen’s comments about being home from CO. One of our poets in NW Colorado Springs sent me some photos yesterday of the fires. Horrific photos indeed. I am praying for a miracle. I am praying for a miracle….


    1. Dear Merrill, We surely need sleep. I seem to need more rest overall these past years, and that is something I simply have to honor, or I pay a price. It’s another way of “living within our means.”

      Grateful we can all visit and you could hear Kathleen’s voice today too.

      Praying with you, Ellen


  3. Ellen, I am drawn to that time right before daybreak – when the birds wake to sing the first song of the day. And pink clouds reflecting in my coffee cup are always my favorite. We are back from hot and smoky CO, but had a nice break and found that my feet are now under me again. Sending you hugs from the Ozarks- Kathleen


  4. Hi Ellen–you are so right that time and life deepen and enrich so much of our experience. I don’t miss being “young” at all, since I feel a brand new youthfulness in my heart these days–God truly continues to Redeem. God bless you today, and always.


    1. Hi Caddo, How beautiful to read your comment, and so happy you feel this way, which is reflected in your art as well. God’s blessings to you …

      I’m back from some errands, and the young people who wait on me in the stores are so kind. I have to get my reading glasses out to read labels, feel clumsy sometimes, the charge machines are different in different stores — and all good and a blessing. Laughter. There’s a part of Sheboygan that had empty stores for a time, and now it’s recovering so well, and there’s new construction. Ellen


  5. Learning that middle age map is never simple, but gifting oneself with the beauty of creation brings a sigh of satisfaction and contentment echoed in your poem,



  6. So lovely, and so trrue about growing in language and life.

    Do you know that song, “The Gift to be Simple”? We have it on a CD, and it’s so beautiful and full of the kind of wisdom you express in your poems.


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