many forms of poetry

Just some thoughts
and to be continued —
why we need poetry!


winter becomes spring
once again

sunset becomes night
dawn, then day

despair becomes hope
once again

the mind settles
into a new peace

words find their
shape on a page

Image courtesy of Dover Publications.
From Dover’s Greatest Clips.

The WordPress tag for National Poetry Month is growing rapidly.  So many good ideas, for all ages.

Also, I was just at The Haiku Foundation website–they are supporting a National Haiku Poetry Day on April 17.

14 thoughts on “many forms of poetry

      1. Yes, beauty in the mystery!
        Your repetition, and the fluid movement in your poem, is striking. It’s like a supple backbone of the poem.


  1. Oh I SO love this too, Ellen (I’m becoming redundant, I fear)–from your words about poetry, I can tell you’re a gal after my own heart!! I’ll have to check that link promptly–every year it seems I miss “our” month! God bless you richly.


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