Photo Challenge: New Horizon

Every day is a new horizon, and I always enjoy the beginning of a new year.  Each day and month have a special beauty.

September 24, 2016 sunrise – photo by Karl
Lake Michigan – photo by Karl
Leaf on Karl’s kayak – photo by Ellen

I enjoyed discovering the natural arrangements of leaves on the blue tarp covering Karl’s trailer.  There are always new creative horizons as we live each day and pay attention.

Ellen Grace Olinger – November 4, 2016

The paperwhites inspired many photos.  I learned a little about how to edit photos this year.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Poinsettia 2016

Ellen Grace Olinger

We bought this beautiful red poinsettia at Mentink’s Market Piggly Wiggly yesterday.  Their selection of plants had just arrived in the morning.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Quiet Christmas Poetry

This year I wrote a new post for our large print chapbook, Quiet Christmas Poetry.  Karl and I created the book from the Christmas site in 2014.  The book was printed by GT Graphics in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

We received good feedback.  All proceeds are for the print journal, Time Of Singing, edited by Lora Homan Zill.  Copies are for sale at the TOS books page.

I’ve written posts to share a picture of the cover and other information.  Then the posts that became the book follow, if you wish to visit Quiet Christmas Poetry.

Ellen Grace Olinger