Autumn Grace

leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace

I saw this poem beginning again yesterday – a gift that I seem to share every year.

Published in Bell’s Letters Poet, WestWard Quarterly, and SMILE.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Education Note


Fancy Letter B Image

t-35Colorful Letter T Image

These are two examples from Reusable Art.  The illustrator was Bertha M. Shaeffer.  I loved creating bulletin boards when I was a teacher and these images caught my attention this morning.  The careful research notes at this site are interesting.


On another note, The Haiku Foundation Education Resources feature was updated this summer.  Poets who are currently teaching are adding their lessons and activities.  We first published this work in June 2013, and it is wonderful to see the interest and growth.

with tree branches


with tree branches
as a picture frame
a window in grey clouds
with pink clouds
for curtains

Images are courtesy of  I love these vintage frames.  They picture hope for me – what blessings will be pictured in the future, even today in some small way?  The short poem is what I see outside the window today, and the layers of beauty in the clouds and sky.  Blessings, Ellen

waiting for the poems

Originally posted on Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin :

I’ve been listening to quiet music and watching birds fly across the sky at sunrise.  Not migration, simply flying.  Some in a small group, some with another, some alone–but within sight of others.

solitude at sunrise
waiting for the poems
that arrive if I give
them this time

let them be themselves

sometimes alone

with a friend

a group

this balance
we all try for

The images are courtesy of Dover Publications:  From Owen Jones’ Chinese Ornament.

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