wind and waves


Yesterday, Karl and I enjoyed a nice meal at Sheboygan’s Family Restaurant.  We both noticed the wind in the treetops, and then in the fields of corn as we drove home.  The wind creates waves similar in form to what we see on Lake Michigan.

We also went to Bethesda Thrift Store.  I found two old-fashioned devotional books, similar to what I hope to create some day.  Karl found some gifts for a friend.

Hope you have a nice weekend, Ellen


The pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

Autumn Grace


I reprint this poem every year, it seems.  A gift.  “Autumn Grace” was published in Bell’s Letters Poet, WestWard Quarterly, and SMILE.  The picture is another drawing by Kate Greenaway, from the Public Domain section at Karen’s Whimsy.


leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace

Flowers, Art, tinywords

Today I stopped at Caan Floral & Greenhouses in Sheboygan.  I had not been there in a long time and bought some flowers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see their gifts by Kelly Rae Roberts.  There’s a Gift Gallery on Caan’s website.

I believe I learned of Kelly Rae Roberts from Christine Mason Miller and Wendy Brightbill.

So wonderful to see art online also find a presence in stores.  Caan’s is a wonderful place to visit in winter too!

When I came home and checked my email, I learned a new issue of tinywords begins today.

turning the page


turning the page
of an older book
the age in my hands

Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation.  Psalm 71: 18 (KJV)

I wrote the haiku awhile ago.  I’ve always been an “old soul” and always felt my gifts with the language arts would take a long time to begin to grow.   When I read verses in the Bible that encouraged me to take the long view, I had no idea blogs would be the answer.

I’m twenty years past major surgery for a chronic illness, so I love age.  I enjoyed reading comments about our hair from my post yesterday.  I was a broken person for a time and to simply be able to clearly communicate what I want when I get my crazy hair cut, is a personal victory.  My mother had short hair when I was born, when she was almost 37, and then she let it grow long.  She wore it up with beautiful combs.  Quiet elegant.  I love how close we were and are, and also so different.

The drawing is by Kate Greenaway and courtesy of the public domain image section at Karen’s Whimsy.  Research for posts is my art education, and reading and viewing posts.  Everyday, there are moments when I know what I know, and many more others when I feel like I am in first grade.  I love to learn.  Blessings, Ellen