Sunday blessings


A quiet grey day, with the water and sky the same soft color.

Yesterday I read:

“But remember the root command:  Love one another.”

From John 15: 17.  The Message, a Bible translation by Eugene Peterson (NavPress).

I love the phrase “the root command.”  To love one another.

The picture is courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.

Labor Day Weekend

The weather is warm and windy.
Goldenrod everywhere.
Classic Labor Day weekend in Wisconsin.

I’m listening to Linda Ronstadt DUETS, a 2014 Compilation of songs with many artists (Rhino Entertainment Company).  The songs bring tears to my eyes.  I’m sure many of you remember.  Some of the collaborations include “Don’t Know Much” with Aaron Neville, and “Somewhere Out There” with James Ingram.  There are 15 songs on the CD.  “Compiled And Mastered By John Boylan At Great Eastern Studios.”

I went to Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly in town and saw a few trees beginning their fall colors.  I usually take some extra time to visit a few roads. One of my favorite times of year.

So listening to some old songs after all, and inspired to dust off a few CDs from my shelf.  Classic always new.  Laundry, dishes, simple day.

Hope you have a nice weekend, Ellen

books and music


books and music
from over the years
live on these shelves

even if I don’t
reread or listen again

somehow their
healing influence
is in these words

* * *

older now
and when I shop
and when those who
help me are so kind
I am truly blessed

* * *

Images are courtesy of The Dover Design Sampler, from Dover Publications.

They are from William Morris Full-Color Patterns and Designs.  The first picture is called “Daisy Design” and the second is “Anemone Design.”



we know
we have found
our home

when the same
sights touch
our hearts deeply
year after year

Queen Anne’s Lace
and warm August
days, gardens,
and fields

* * *

To Target in Kohler today, and visiting some country roads I haven’t seen as much lately.  I’ve started over a few times.  Also true that many of the things I love transcend time and place.

Floral Bouquet Border Image is courtesy of Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.