light and leaves

On Saturday, Karl and I went to Arabella’s Family Restaurant in Sheboygan, for a good breakfast.  Then we drove around the area.  It was interesting to see how the trees vary in their colors, and the falling of their leaves.

in the sunroom . . .
beyond the tree
with fallen leaves
light through clouds

sparrows and evergreens

Ellen Grace Olinger:

A post from October 2012

Originally posted on Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin:

A routine day, the best kind: cooking vegetables, errands, and writing projects.  Madeleine L’Engle taught me to “serve the work,” and that we all do our part.  Maybe that’s why the birds and evergreens speak to me today.  I don’t see the differences in their sizes; I see one painting.

many sparrows play
in evergreen trees
perfect harmony

The image is from Japanese Design,
courtesy of Dover Publications.

Walking On Water: Reflections On Faith And Art, by Madeleine L’Engle (North Point Press; Copyright 1980 by Crosswicks).

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Paul Brandt School Forest

Today I learned there is a beautiful website for the Paul Brandt School Forest.

Some of you may remember the poem I wrote for my cousin Paul.  My mother was his godmother.

For Paul F. Brandt

Another death
a sudden death
this autumn of
winter in October.

Condolences pour in
your service strengthens
and your body is laid to rest
in beloved Wisconsin land.

Now the grief begins
and how else could it be?

Surely a few people
will remain with us
in our loving sorrow
like the golden leaves
left on the tree
outside my window
that will turn green again . . .

Published first in Time Of Singing (Fall 2008).

From Sky To A Room

pale blue sky
and then
a cloud

a birch tree
and sun

on the golden


and a room
where I read the Psalms
and watch the day

* * *

I saw today’s view like a painting, or a photo, and I think this must be inspired by the wide variety of blogs I enjoy, and everyone’s thoughts about creativity.

Thank you.

Autumn note

Cotoneaster 007

Cotoneaster 001


Karl and I went for a drive yesterday.  The landscape looks more like November, with muted colors, many leaves on the ground, and bare trees already.

Always lovely.  Always a gift to see the seasons as they are, and as they change.

The photos by Karl of the cotoneaster hedge are from our yard a few years ago.  I like how the first one shows part of the birch tree that I write about so often.  The photo of the flowers shows one of the cloths from my family on the little table.  I think this one may have been from my great-Aunt Marie.  She also worked in special education.  As I was reflecting with Karl yesterday, my path as a teacher for many years seemed my destiny.  I will always be grateful that I could give 20 years to special education.  All of the children had special gifts.   I worked with many good people, and am still in touch; grateful for friendships.  Seasons of life too.  I played school when I was a child.

How are the seasons where you are?

Hope you have a beautiful week, Ellen